Global Archery Products, Inc. and Knockerball USA

Bringing together the recognized leaders in non-lethal archery equipment and bubble soccer equipment.

Ashley, IN and Chicago, IL – Global Archery Products, Inc. the world leader in non-lethal archery equipment and Knockerball USA, recognized worldwide as the largest provider of bubble soccer equipment, have announced a strategic partnership to offer the highest quality and safest products and turnkey business programs for the ultimate in family friendly entertainment. 

When it comes to innovation and a twist on traditional sports, Archery Tag® and Knockerball® have taken the world by storm.

John Jackson, Founder and CEO of Global Archery and Bill Smith, CEO of Knockerball, came together at the Global Archery headquarters in Ashley, Indiana, recently to finalize the partnership.

Jackson commented, “With over 1600 locations in 65 countries, this is a great fit for us, and Knockerball® provides our licensed providers another quality product to offer their customers”.

Smith commented, “Partnering with John and his talented team is a wonderful opportunity for Knockerball.  We both strive to have the highest quality and safest products in the market.  We both are looking to create innovative products for our licensees, and Archery Tag® is a natural addition for our customers.” 

To purchase the products, contact Global Archery at 260.587.4500 ([email protected]) and Knockerball at 800.583.7250 ([email protected]). Either company can offer pricing on the product packages.

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