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Safety When Playing KnockerBall

  • We recommend consulting a physician prior to playing KnockerBall®. Bubble balls are for use only by persons healthy enough for vigorous physical activity.
  • Not for use by pregnant women or persons with medical conditions including but not limited to: asthma, claustrophobia, heart conditions, seizures, vertigo, arthritis, and neck, knee, joint or back problems.
  • All participants under 18 must have adult supervision.
  • Not for use with more than one person in a single KnockerBall at the same time.
  • Not for use by persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or disorientating medication.
  • Not for use on pavement, ice, or rocky terrain.
  • Not for use near streets or roads with automobile traffic.
  • Not for use in water.
  • Not for use on hills, slopes, or for jumping from higher surfaces such as roof tops, diving boards etc.
  • Always play Knockerball® on a level grass surface or padded floor within a large enclosed area.
  • Always properly inflate theKnockerBall® before use. See FAQ for details.
  • Always properly adjust and wear the shoulder straps and firmly grasp the inner handles.
  • Always remove eyeglasses and any sharp or heavy objects from clothing before use.
  • Always wear proper footwear.
  • Never attempt any stunt that violates safety protocals and unless totally familiar with the KnockerBall®.

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Due to the customization process of this product, we can not accept returns, but our expert customer care representative will always be available to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. All sales are final. Orders will be charged sales tax in IL.

WARNING: Prior to engaging in "Knockerball®" and the use of this product read all warnings and instructions. Failure to follow instructions fully may result in serious injury. Do not attempt any stunts performed here without consulting your physician first and without proper training.
MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ORDER. All participants under 18 must have adult supervision.
For questions please call 800-583-7250 or email