Elite Laser Tag - 12 Razorback Tagger Package - Knockerball USA

Elite Laser Tag – 12 Razorback Tagger Package

The Elite Razorback package includes everything you need to start up a mobile laser tag operation. A perfect complement to Knockerball® and Archery. Package includes 12 Razorback taggers, 12 barrel covers, 1 Game Management System, 2 Respawn Boxes, 1 Zeroing Kit, 1 Domination Box, 2 Game Boxes. Elite Laser Tag systems are known as an industry leader and we’re excited to offer them to our Knockerball locations worldwide. FREE shipping anywhere in the US or Canada.

Key advantage of the Elite Laser Tag system – NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED. It’s a game changer. Same level of fun…without the technical headaches!

  • Tagger Stats:
  • Age Ranges: 4-100
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Length: 17 inches
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Range: Night 850 feet – Day 650 feet
  • Stock: Optional
  • Scope: Included
  • Rails: Built in upper and lower Picatinny rails
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green

Includes NEW Stainless-Steel Hardware! Sleek and rugged fully composite laser tagger made from space age composite material used in precision firearms. The Razorback is designed to do the heavy lifting in any laser tag armory. Simply put, this is the best laser tag gun in the world. The Razorback is extremely durable and well designed. It comes with a lifetime shell warranty and has a five-year warranty on the internals and a 30-day warranty on the scope, charger, battery and head sensors. The Razorback has an optional stock that can be quickly detached for younger players. The Razorback is proudly made in the USA!