KnockerBall Add On To Your Existing Business

  • Huge cost savings…designed to add on to an existing Foam Daddy or other entertainment business
  • 20 TPU Knockerballs (8 L, 8 M, 2 XL, 2 Small)
  • 1200w High Powered Pump for blowing up your Knockerballs
  • No Website or Account Setup Fees, saving $2000
  • 1/2 Price Annual License Fee for Year 1, saving $750

Why Choose Knockerball?


  • Equipment engineered for safety
  • Exclusive member discounts on additional Knockerballs and products
  • Access to an in-house graphic artist for digital needs
  • Access to our exclusive add-ons to support Knockerball Affiliate growth

Legal and Insurance

  • Access to our custom legal waivers
  • Access to our exclusive insurance program for Knockerball Affiliates only

Sales and Marketing

  • Hundreds of professional photos and videos
  • Business listing on our main site – “where to play map,” we generate and funnel leads to you!
  • Marketing kits & email templates
  • Access to workshops to help run your business

Safety Training and Continued Support

  • Access to over 30 safety and training videos
  • Safety guidelines and manual
  • Small group and 1 on 1 training by one of our corporate trainers
  • Participant safety & game rules handouts
  • Ongoing support for you and your staff
  • Access to our private owner’s forum to share best practices, industry knowledge and tips

Digital Platform and Resources

  • A comprehensive online booking and scheduling system (included with the ERS Full Suite upgrade)
  • Access to online waivers
  • Email marketing database & software
  • Access to your own digital dashboard

Licensing Agreement and Trademark Usage

  • License to use the Knockerball trademark (only company in this space with a registered trademark)
  • Continuous updates on industry news and best practices through newsletters and forums

Want to speak with a team member sooner?

The Knockerball® brand is growing fast, and now you can be a part of the action.

You are about to embark on not just an amazing business opportunity but also become involved in one of the worlds newest and fastest growing sports. You will be joining a select group within the U.S. that recognized the earning potential associated with becoming a KnockerBall™ affiliate. Everyone in your community will be wanting to Get In The Ball!




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