KnockerBall® Backyard Bundle with Archery Tag®

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We’ve taken our popular backyard bundle and now added Archery Tag®. Whether you’re looking for a little at home PE class, or just looking for hours of entertainment away from the screens, we’ve got you covered…literally! FREE SHIPPING is included!

  • 2 Large Knockerballs® – our most popular size by far, ages 13+
  • 2 Bows
  • 4 Arrows
  • 2 Maverick masks
  • 2 Foam targets for practice
  • Our balls are made from the highest quality TPU available and designed for years of frequent use.



  • KnockerBall® TPU Red Large × 2

  • Archery Tag® PRO Bow w/string × 2

  • Archery Tag® Arrows - 4

  • Archery Tag® Maverick™ Mask × 2

  • Archery Tag® Foam Targets - 2

2 reviews for KnockerBall® Backyard Bundle with Archery Tag®

  1. Matthew Smith

    I have the pleasure of owning both knockerballs and archery tag for my business. They both are the top of the line equipment!

  2. Jordan

    Love to play in the yard with my family, so much fun!

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