KnockerBall® Backyard Bundle

Our backyard bundle comes with everything you need…Get in the Ball!

  • 2 Large balls – our most popular size by far, for high school kids or adults
  • 2 storage bags to keep the balls stored safely
  • 1 high powered pump to inflate/deflate the balls. Takes about 45 seconds.
  • Our balls are made from the highest quality TPU available and designed for years of frequent use.



  • KnockerBall® TPU Red Large

  • KnockerBall® TPU Clear Large

  • High Powered Pump

  • KnockerBall Bag × 2

More Info

These commercial grade TPU balls are extremely durable and more elastic than PVC balls, and they’re more resistant to scratching and scuffing which can lead to tearing. TPU material is also lighter than PVC allowing for a better experience for all of the participants. Can I start my own Knockerball® business? Yes!  Click here to learn how. .


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