TPU Knockerball – Small

Knockerballs are a all-encompassing, protective, safe, single chambered ball of air with inner handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity and defy pain. You only need one to get started, practice your rolls and flips.

With two or more Knockerballs® the experience is catapulted into rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more.

Organizing a Knockerball® Bubble Soccer game is truly a blast but we will warn you, organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having way too much fun.

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More Info

All KNOCKERBALLS® are manufactured from the highest quality TPU. KNOCKERBALLS® are nothing like some inflatable pool toy! Each individual unit is put through rigorous testing over a period of 72 hours before leaving our facility to ensure there is no leakage and every KNOCKERBALL® will hold the recommended PSI for no less than 24 hours. We have taken great care to ensure that all raw materials utilized in the construction of each KNOCKERBALL® are second to none.

TPU (Thermo plastic polyurethane) Knocekrballs® are the best option for frequent use. These commercial grade balls are very strong and more elastic than PVC balls, and they’re more resistant to scratching and scuffing which can lead to tearing. TPU material is also lighter than PVC allowing for a better experience for your participants.

Small Knockerballs are perfect for small kids, with a recommended height of 3’0” – 3’4.” We like to call them fun sized because you won’t see a kid without a smile on their face while running around in one of our small Knockerballs.

  • Size: 1.0M
  • Recommended Height: 3’0” – 3’4”
  • Type: TPU
  • Weight: 9 lbs


Can I start my own Knockerball® business?
Yes!  Click here to learn how.