Ever wanted to try something different for a corporate event or want a unique birthday party for your friends and family? Well, then it’s time to try Knockerball bubble soccer.

Setting up a game is easy and takes just minutes. Knockerballs can be inflated in just under 1 min and the field set up can be indoors or outdoors and played on a variety of flat surfaces.  

But where can I find a trusted provider? Easy, our Where to Play map provides hundreds of locations nationwide of trained, insured and background certified business owners who have gone through our extensive training program and support group to ensure your party goes great. Our locations will bring everything you need to your event and will make sure a trained staff member host and coordinates the event along with providing safety rules and legal waivers.

Because the brand name has grown so large, sometimes you will find knockoff products such as (bubbleball or body bubbles) trying to imitate or create confusion in the marketplace, so in order to ensure you are getting a licensed affiliate you can always call us at 800-583-7250 or email us at [email protected]. But to ensure your party goers have a great time it is best to select an operator from our bubble soccer map found at www.Knockerball.com/where-to-play.   Need some fun images for your invitations, no problem, just email us and we will be glad to help. Don’t forget to share your fun time on our social media too, we love to see smiles and goals!   

www.Facebook.com/Knockerballusa @Knockerballusa   

Some Recommended Knockerball Bubble Soccer Providers   

AZ – Ryan Combs – KnockerballScottsdale.com
WA – Jason Hinshaw – Knockerballtricities.com
VA – Mike Schwarting – KnockerballHamptonroads.com
Southern IL – James Schneider – KnockerballPeoria.com
Northern IL – Patrick Loner – KnockerballRockford.com

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