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What People Say About Knockerball Bubble Soccer

Knockerball has allowed me to supplement my nursing salary and given me the chance to spend more time with my family. We bring the joy to every event we do!

Siobhan Johnson

Knockerball West Valley

Knockerball was the perfect game for my summer football camps. Both the kids and the coaches could not get enough of it. I highly recommend Knockerball to anyone looking for a group activity with a lot of laughs.

Kirk Cousins

NFL Quarterback

We have so much fun with the schools and camps throughout the year. Our team has just as much fun as the kids and adults! Where else can you be known as the guy who brings the FUN!

Jorge Gutierrez

Knockerball NYC

Games People Play With Knockerballs 

Bubble Soccer

Go crazy with 4v4, 5v5 (or more) with no goalies and no off-sides to score as many points as possible with a new spin on a classic soccer-style match.

Musical Chairs

Hula-hoops spread in a big circle serve as the "chairs". When the music stops, step in a hoop and you're safe. A perfect game for all ages!

protect the king

It's like chess, but waaay more fun!  Each team's mission is to take down the opponent's designated king while defending their own.

sharks and minnows

Starting alone, the shark chases the minnows attempting to cross the field without getting knocked over. If a minnow gets knocked over, they morph into a shark!

capture the flag

Just like you played as kids, but with a little more collision!  Two flags, two teams, one mission.  Need we say more?

KB Kickball

Our newest game, kickers/runners wear KB's, 2 fielders wear KB's and can mess with the runners. Do a roll through the base=safe. Catch a ball in a KB, inning over! 

battle balls

Remember King of the Hill?  Everyone starts in a defined circle and the last player standing wins.  Simple rules = great time!

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