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Knockerball Blog

Tips For Finding People to Play Bubble Soccer

So, you’ve seen your first match of Bubble Soccer, otherwise known as Bubble Ball, or as we like, KnockerBall, or maybe you had a chance to play a game at a party or event. However, you’ve come across it, like so many others, you are itching to play. Great, but where...

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Knockerball is an 5000 fastest-growing company

.et_post_meta_wrapper img {display: block;margin: auto;max-width: 400px;} Knockerball USA is excited to announce that we have been named #980 on the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States! This is a major accomplishment and...

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Is the investment worth it?

Is the investment worth it? Feedback from one of our locations @KnockerballTricities that started just over 1 year ago after some long hesitation but after our initial investment our mindset was well it’s not a huge loss if we don’t make it but soon realized that’s...

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Tips for a Successful Bubble Soccer Event

Tips for a Successful Bubble Soccer Event: Congrats! You are about to have the most fun you've had in a long time! Now let's make sure your Knockerball Bubble Soccer party goes smoothly and that your friends and participants have a great time. View the...

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Successfully Preventing Sports Injuries

How KnockerBall® Protects You From Injuries   According to the NEISS data shown above Basketball and Bicycling are the most dangerous sports with Football and Exercise Equipment close behind. KnockerBall® is in none of these categories. According to MedLIne the most...

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The problem with KnockerBall® knock-offs

.et_post_meta_wrapper img { display: none; } How to spot a KnockerBall® knock-off Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of inferior products being passed off wrongly as authentic KnockerBalls®. For example, at 5:28 in this popular video...

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Eliminate hoverboard problems with KnockerBall®

Eliminate your hoverboard problems with KnockerBall®   Oh, so many fail videos grace the Internet nowadays of people getting on a hoverboard for the first time and falling head- or butt-first on the floor. Oh, the burn! If only there were a way for us to ride that...

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Knockerball Colonial Heights

Knockerball Colonial Heights Serving : Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City and Surrounding Areas TN 37663 Phone: (423) 799-0576 Email: In a KnockerBall® for the March of Dimes:...

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*Coupons are valid online only at Coupons are valid on single items only and not valid on already discounted packages. Offer can not be combined with any other offer, coupon, package or sale price.

Due to the customization process of this product, we can not accept returns, but our expert customer care representative will always be available to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. All sales are final. Orders from Nevada and Illinois will be charged sales tax.

WARNING: Prior to engaging in "Knockerball®" and the use of this product read all warnings and instructions. Failure to follow instructions fully may result in serious injury. Do not attempt any stunts performed here without consulting your physician first and without proper training.
MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ORDER. All participants under 18 must have adult supervision.
For questions please call 800-583-7250 or email