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Knockerball 118 Giant Water Slide

Knockerball 118 Giant Water Slide

Why a Giant Inflatable Water Slide is
Perfect for Adults and Kids

An enormous inflatable water slide is the perfect way to entertain individuals of all ages during a party, from thrill-seeking adults to bubbly teenagers and curious kids. They can either be double or single-lane, and the sizes range from 15 feet to as tall as 37 feet. You could purchase one or hire one and return it after your event.

At Knockerball USA, we stock high-quality outdoor gaming equipment, including water slides. We have partnered with numerous entrepreneurs nationwide to ensure our rental water slides are available near you. In this post, we review whether purchasing or hiring a water slide event expert is ideal and outline several things to consider early on. Check out our local event centers to see our products up close.


Purchase or Rental of an Inflatable Water Slide

The decision to purchase or book an inflatable water slide is one of the most important you will have to make. Both options come with unique benefits, and you have to make a decision that aligns with your current needs and budget.


Benefits of Purchasing an Inflatable Water Slide

When you buy and own an inflatable water slide, you can do whatever you want with it. This means endless fun and the freedom to customize the slide however you prefer. You can set up the slide anytime without worrying about late fees or coordinating rental dates.

Another great advantage of purchasing a Knockerball USA water slide is that you can pick a size and design that suits your family's or client’s needs and preferences. Plenty of options are available at our stores, from small slides for young children to more exciting slides that both teenagers and adults can use. If, for instance, you are a person who frequently holds events, a permanent attraction, such as a slide, could significantly boost your reputation

Owning an inflatable water slide will also be advantageous as an offering of your event business as an additional revenue source!


Benefits of Booking Inflatable Water Slides

Water slides are the best option when you want to enjoy a fun-filled day without maintenance or long-term commitments. When customers book the Knockerball USA water slide, you never have to worry about where to store it when not in use. Event professionals will deliver it just before your event starts and come for it after the party. Thus, the slide makes plenty of sense in places where summers are extremely hot or humid.

Another huge advantage of owning a water slide attraction as an event consultant is that you can test several water slides before deciding on the one to purchase. This ensures that you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Overall, this is an excellent option for creating lasting memories for customers without digging too much into your pockets.


Some Things to Consider Beforehand

Before making a decision, you have to consider the pros and cons of buying, keeping in mind factors like cost, storage, maintenance, and cleaning. It would also help to consider how often you will need the slide. If you see yourself scheduling multiple events that need regular access to a water slide or intend to use it throughout all summer months, it may be good to buy.


The Types of Inflatables We Offer

Knockerball USA is known countrywide for dealing in premium quality inflatables and other outdoor games equipment. Currently, we stock the following inflatable water slides:

  1. GIANT INFLATABLE SLIDE–15 feet. Weighs 330 lbs and measures 25′ L x 11′ W x 15′ H
  2. GIANT INFLATABLE SLIDE–24 feet. Weighs 634 lbs and measures 44′ L x 18′ W x 24′ H


Contact Knockerball USA for a Waterslide Today!

Whether you buy or rent an inflatable water slide, you can find the best deals at Knockerball USA. Our slides are made using high-quality materials to ensure they last very long and are safe for adults and children of all ages. Contact Knockerball USA for a waterslide today! 

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