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The Best Bubble Soccer Available

Bubble ball soccer, also known as bumper ball or battle ball soccer, is simply the most exhilarating form of soccer available anywhere in the world. Besides being an incredibly fun activity, it also offers an incredible workout. The game is fast-paced since there are few rules, and just about anyone can check out what is happening and react swiftly.

At Knockerball USA, we help entrepreneurs looking to bring this game to their locality with all the resources they need for their startup. Our officially licensed Knockerball event servicers offer bubble balls to anyone looking to make their event more memorable. In this post, we will highlight the best types of bubble soccer balls we deal in. Contact us today to learn more about how to get into this business of fun!

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How to Play Bubble Soccer

Bubble ball soccer is a simple game, as all you need to do is put on an inflatable bubble suit that lets you roll over completely and safely bounce off other players. The inflatable Knockerball suits are made of transparent and durable materials. They cover the upper body but leave the legs exposed and free to run.
When you have a bubble suit on, there are a variety of fun games to play, such as:


Bubble Football

One player from each team acts as the football and tries to get into the opponent’s end zone. The teammates support their “football’s” mission while defending their own end zone.


Bubble Soccer

Teams of fours or fives square it up in this exciting game. There are no offsides or goalies. There is no limit to the number of goals you can score as you steamroll the opponents.


Protect the President

Compete with another team to knock over their president while shielding your own and claiming eternal glory. The first team to score gets three points, and the last president standing wins.


Battle Balls.

This free-for-all has everyone struggling to knock each other down. The last player standing wins and is the ultimate wrecking ball!


Sharks and Minnows.

One “shark” attempts to knock over the rest of the players, “minnows,” as they cross the field. Those who fall become sharks.


Capture the Flag.

Protect your flag as you aim to capture the opponent’s flag. The first team to claim three opposite flags wins, and those knocked over go home immediately.

The Best Bubble Ball Soccer Available

We offer a variety of bubble ball soccer suits at Knockerball USA to ensure that you planners have the right equipment for the game you want to play at your event. Below are some of the options available.


Knockerball TPU

TPU bulk bundles make it simple to choose your colors, sizes, and any other extra customizations you prefer. They are manufactured using the highest quality TPU available and designed to last many years, even when under frequent use.


Knockerball PVC

PVC bubble balls use 0.8 mm PVC, which is super durable but a little bulkier than TPU. They are adored by most soccer ball enthusiasts, who love customizing them with their logos, brand names, or institutional colors.


Knockerball TPU Custom Colors

If you are ready to add your own logo to our heavy-duty bubble balls, you will love the Knockerball TPU Custom Colors. You will have the advantage of fully customized bubble balls that you can use every day for numerous years.


TPU Zorb Hamsterball

The oversized Knockerball, also known as the human hamster ball, is perfect for single- and multi-player games. Made from lightweight and highly durable PVC material, we call it a massive zorb that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Make Your Next Event a Blast with Bubble Soccer!

When it’s time to party, you know it’s time for a fun bubble ball soccer game. You can get all the supplies you need for your bubble ball games at Knockerball USA, whether you want to rent or buy. We can also help you start a Knockerball business in your area and make a business out of this fun game! Contact us today to learn more.