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Inflatable Games & Bouncers

Outdoor events are so much better with inflatable games and bouncers. At Knockerball, we offer numerous types of outdoor gaming and entertainment equipment and have the products you need to make your next event as exhilarating as possible.

Our games come in various shapes and sizes and are appropriate for multiple activities for children and adults.

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Inflatable Bouncers

Our inflatable bouncers, commonly known as moonwalks, jumpers, or bounce houses, are exactly what you need to bring boundless joy and excitement to your kids' party. They use high-quality materials for enhanced safety and come in various designs and colors.

Our jumpers and games are set up by your area Knockerball partner’s crew, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger so you can focus on making sure your guests are having as much fun as possible. Children can go in for a bounce session any time they prefer, keeping them busy throughout the event.

Inflatable Sports

If you, your friends, or your kids are sports enthusiasts, you’ll have a blast playing with our inflatable versions of popular sporting equipment. Even if you are not an avid sports fan, it is hard to resist the allure of these games. Below are some of the inflatable sporting products we offer at Knockerball USA.

Human Foosball

Bring that friendly game you play at your friend's basement to life! Your local Knockerball provider can set up human foosball at your event within minutes.

Inflatable Covered Arena

Our inflatable covered arena is a 2-piece unit that ships on two pallets. After inflating and joining the two sections, you can use the field as a paintball, dodgeball, archery, knockerball arena, and a party tent. This field is handy during busy games as it keeps spectators outside and players inside the arena. It can also help to keep out the rain or intense summer heat.

Bubble Balls

Bubble balls are our signature product for various activities, including bubble soccer. The Knockerball TPU bulk bundles allow you to choose from various colors, sizes, and other add-ons. They are perfect for any event, from church functions to corporate team building to backyard parties. Our balls are of the highest quality and are designed for enhanced durability.

KB Bowling Pins

Bowling is fun and even more exciting when you play it with inflatable pins. Our KB bowling pins come in sets of six and are perfect for various games, such as Zorb bowling.

Inflatables Playgrounds & Obstacle Courses

When you want to restrict players to the playing area during busy field events, our inflatable field can help. It has 36-inch-high inflatable bumpers and built-in goals to ensure maximum safety during busy events.

We also have a three-piece obstacle course that suits ninja warriors of all sizes and ages. Introduced in 2023, the KB Obstacle Course has quickly become the centerpiece of any festival or event. Contact your local provider for information on availability and rates.

Inflatable Games and Bouncers from Knockerball!

With Knockerball inflatable games and bouncers, no event ever needs to be boring! To learn more about whatever inflatable sporting product you are after, contact your local provider today for more details.