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Packages for Party & Event Rental Businesses

Nothing can bring you closer to your American dream than a business for which you only work part-time but has the potential to generate significant profit. This is exactly what you get with a party and event rental business. However, there are several things to consider to succeed in this sector, from getting the best equipment to having a great marketing strategy.

At Knockerball USA, we specialize in assisting entrepreneurs like yourself to get started in this industry. We have several business packages that allow you to conveniently acquire the equipment you need to hit the ground running, such as inflatables, bubble balls, and yard games. We will also help you learn how to market your new business and remain profitable. Check out more details below about why you should partner with Knockerball, and contact us for any inquiries.

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Why Start a Party Rental Business with Knockerball?

The goal of any business is to become profitable as fast as possible. The best way to ensure this in the party and event rental business is to get the support of a partner who knows the industry all too well: Knockerball USA. We have massive experience in this sector, and our staff are always willing and ready to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

When onboarding a new Knockerball business owner, we offer them countless resources that can guide and help them become wildly successful in the party rental business. This includes the following:


Topnotch Equipment

All our products are engineered for safety and come with exclusive discounts for members who purchase certain additional equipment. We will also support your digital needs with an in-house digital artist, among other add-ons.


Financing Help

Our financial partners are ready to provide equipment financing when starting or growing your Knockerball business. This ensures that you can get into the business quickly, regardless of existing funds.



Our exclusive insurance program caters to entrepreneurs under the Knockerball umbrella, ensuring you get the support you need for your legal affairs. You can also access our private legal waivers when you are our licensee.


Marketing Material

Our main portal- "where to play map," automatically generates and funnels leads to clients under our umbrella. Besides that, we provide you with email templates and marketing kits. We also hold regular workshops to help you sharpen your marketing skills.


Training and Support

Besides our official safety guidelines and handbook, we accompany each business package with more than 30 training videos and manuals. Our corporate trainers also regularly offer one-on-one and small-group training. All our licensees also have access to our private owners' forum, which offers peer support and training.


Digital Platform and Resources

We will give you a comprehensive online booking and scheduling system and ensure unlimited access to your own digital dashboard.
Licensing agreement and trademark usage. We are the only company in this sector with a registered trademark; you can use it on your equipment when you are our partner. We also have regular newsletters and forums that help keep you updated on best practices and industry news.

Our Different Business Packages

Starter Package

  • Custom URL and one custom website
  • 12 TPU Knockerballs (6 L and 6 M)
  • high-powered 1200W pump
  • $149/mo or $1500/annual license fee


Pro Package

  • A yard game (Wooden Connect 4)
  • Custom URL and custom website
  • 12′ Foot Darts Inflatable Game (2-sided)
  • 16 TPU Knockerballs (8 M and 8 L)
  • A high-powered 1200W pump
  • $149/mo or $1500/annual license fee

All-Star Package

  • 20 TPU Knockerballs
  • 2 yard games (Cornhole and Wooden Connect 4)
  • Custom URL and custom website
  • A medium inflatable field
  • 12′ Foot Darts Inflatable Game (2-sided)
  • A high-powered 1200W pump
  • $149/mo or $1500/annual license fee


Custom Package

Here, we roll with you as you build your startup package. All you have to do is include 12 TPU Knockerballs as the baseline.

Start Your Own Business Today with Knockerball USA!

Party games are always fun, but you know what is even more fun? Being the source of excitement. Knockerball is ready to help you get your foot in the game and support you so your party and event rental business remains profitable. Contact us today to learn more about our business packages.