KnockerBall® PVC - Get the original Knockerballs from $149!

KnockerBall® PVC



Add a High Power Pump for easy inflation/deflation. Add storage bags to keep your Knockerballs protected for years of use.

High Powered Pump

Now available! KnockerBall® PVC balls. We’re the original bubble soccer brand, save money, play more!

  • Our bubble balls are made from super durable 0.8 mm PVC but a little heavier than their TPU brothers. Large size PVC weighs 19lbs (vs 16 lbs TPU), Medium size PVC weighs 17lbs (vs 12 lbs TPU), and Small size PVC weighs 11 lbs (vs 9 lbs TPU). If you’re interested in even heavier duty balls that are lighter weight, try Knockerball TPU.
  • There are plenty of amazing games that you can play with your customized Knockerballs. Knocker Soccer is always a crowd favorite. Imagine your school with balls in your custom colors and with your logo playing your arch rivals across town.
  • KnockerBall® PVC also come with volume discounts, the more balls you add to the cart, the bigger the discounts we can provide. We’ve done volume discounts up to 220 balls in the past. What can we create for you?


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