Caterpillar Run Mat - Knockerball

Caterpillar Run Mat


  • IDEAL FOR TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Get kids moving and encourage cooperation, coordination, and balance with these ice breaker game run mats; Both kids and adults will love caterpillar movement mats because they are easy to use and helps to encourage communication when working on team building skills through laughter and fun
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of Oxford cloth, these field day mats are designed to be resistant to rips, tears, and water, The thick fabric has a clean uniform look and is built for durability and longevity
  • Children: 6 meters, width 45cm, for 4-6 kids, Children: 8 meters, width 45cm, for 6-9 kids, Adult: 6 meters, width 70cm, for 4-6 adults, Adult: 8 meters, width 70cm, for 6-8 adults.
  • For Field Day, Active Play, Balance and Flexibility, Hop Sacks & Games, Team Building & Collaboration, Obstacle Course, Training Tool, Kids Grown-Ups, Group Work, etc.