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IPS Sport Cones 10x



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IPS Smart Edition - 10 Spots

IPS Sport Cones 10x

The IPS game is used with 1 IPS system including 10 lights. The IPS Smart Edition is not included in the delivery and must be purchased separately. The IPS Smart Edition is the basis for all IPS games.

Endless possibilities!

The IPS sports cones allow for endless combinations! You can play in teams, one on one, or alone. The scoreboard automatically keeps track of scores. The IPS sports cones are ideal for use during, for instance, football training!

Perfect during activities and easy to set up

The IPS sports cones are perfect for use during sports activities, company outings and events, because they can effortlessly be set up within 10 minutes. The sports cones come in sets of 10. It goes without saying you can also purchase the IPS system from us to fully complete the experience!

High quality and durable

The IPS sports cones are high-quality and durable, which makes them easy to keep clean. In addition, they come with a 1-year warranty. In short, this product allows you to offer optimum playing fun!
Purchase this unique IPS sports cones and deliver the experience your customers will remember as the day of their lives!