What is a zorb ball? - KnockerBall Bubble Soccer

What is a zorb ball?

There is a lot of confusion on this. Sometimes a bubble soccer ball is called many different things such as; Knockerball, Zorb, Hamster Ball, bubble ball, bubble football, bubble soccer ball and so on. But a Zorb is also known as a large plastic inflatable ball that is 9 feet high and the player actually goes inside and rolls like a hamster. The Knockerball Zorb comes with removable straps for 2 participants to be inside at the same time. When not using the straps, it's best to have 1 participant inside. You can create obstacle course races, using teams of 2-4 people. You can run timed races to see who is the fastest. With 2 or more balls, you can amp up the fun by going head to head in a team building event. Buy your Zorb here!