Care Tips for Making Your Bubble Soccer Balls Last Longer

Are you ready to have some real fun on the bubble soccer field? Well! That’s a great idea. This game has gained huge popularity in the world within very little time, and now most of the people are curious to enjoy this adventure sport during their seasonal holidays. No matter whether you are a routine bubble soccer player or enjoy it on special occasions only; it is important to learn care tips for bubble soccer balls so that they can serve you for a long time. Below we have highlighted some of the most important tips for making your bubble soccer ball last longer:

Play on a flat, clean surface

You might have spent years on the soccer game field enjoying its amazing experience but when we talk about a bubble soccer game; it is more important to ensure a flat field to play. These surfaces can ensure you better protection for your bubble ball as it will suffer lesser friction on the ground. While playing this game; your opponents will always try to bump you down. If you are playing on a rough field; your ball will suffer time and again; whereas the chances of injury for the player also increases. That is why we always advise playing bubble soccer only on a flat surface.

Use organic cleaner

At the end of every session, make sure you spare a few minutes to clean your Knockerball. We advise cleaning it with a nonabrasive organic cleaner right after every use. These cleaners are specially designed to keep the ball safe for years ahead.

Store balls in a bag

If you are planning to enjoy a bubble soccer game at an outdoor destination with your friends; you may need to transport it to another location. Well! Most people make a mistake of storing them improperly during transportation. If you wish your bubble ball to last longer, it is important to store them in a dedicated bag. It will ensure proper safety for the plastic material forming the balls.

Save from direct light

When your bubble soccer ball is not in use, keep it away from direct light. The sunlight is believed to be harmful to the bubble soccer balls as it causes some decay in the strength of the material.

Don’t overinflate

Make sure you do not over inflate your ball otherwise it may burst due to unbearable force. Follow manufacturer guidelines to make the best use of your balls and ensure long lifetime.

Use repair kits for leaks

If your bubble soccer ball shows some leaks, instead of using any random home-based treatment to recover the issue; we advise taking help from professional repair kits. You can get a reliable repair kit from manufacturers on Amazon.

Play goal-oriented games

If you want to ensure proper service from your bubble soccer ball; it is important to play goal-oriented games only. Don’t let players run into intense plays that cause huge harm to the Knockerball.

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