Friends and family inspired interview with Erica Juenke
Erica began her journey with Knockerball this past spring…and this is a great introduction to her and the business she is growing.
When did you join the Knockerball family?
April 2019
Lets start from the beginning, what were you doing before KB?
I have worked in a lot of different fields! From medical billing, to health care, to bartending. But it’s really always been my dream to build my own company and have a start up.
Please tell us about your personal story…what inspires you and what makes you tick? What makes you who you are?
I grew up in a small town in South Texas, and the mind set there was you have to work for the things you want. So I really pride myself on that and growing up in a small town has always inspired me to just want more. That being said I have had set backs in life that haven’t always made things easy. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 5 years ago, and while extremely difficult to accept at first I knew I couldn’t let it stop me. It has a taken A LOT out of me and the worst part has been the cost of healthcare. But having the support I have with my friends and family makes it all worth it, and they inspire me every day to just keep going. I want to be happy, healthy and loving what I do. That is the dream. Things that make me tick? That’s a harder one, I like to consider myself a pretty easy going human. However, I am super super clean, and it really peeves me when people aren’t. I probably have the cleanest Knockerballs in America because I clean them so much!
What equipment and games do you currently have (KB and non-KB) and what are you considering adding on to your your business?
We currently have 20 knockerballs! For games we offer Musical Hula Hoops(which is just like musical chairs but we found it easier to do it in the knockerballs this way instead), tug of war, and of course the classic soccer balls and goals. My biggest goal would be to get the inflatable field! The worst part of events for me is shagging all the balls, so I’d be super pumped if we ever did that.
What events are your main focus? 
How do you go about marketing and promoting your business?
We are still working on this! But right now we are really trying to hit social media really hard. Mostly because it is free and it has gotten us leads we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We are also currently working on just making a lot of human connection to-meeting people face to face, and tell them what Cap City Knockerball and is all about. We’ve done this by joining small business groups and networking through friends and family.
What is your business plan for the future?
We want Cap City to be the go-to event for corporate offices and birthday parties in the Austin area. So to be short and sweet our business plan is to keep moving and growing. Eventually we want to buy more balls (and don’t forget my inflatable field) and offer even more then what we already do!
What would you say are the 3 most important things to remember as a KB owner?
To have fun number one-your company is the definition of fun, and your clients will have more fun if you are passionate and enjoying what you are doing. Number two-remember its a constant grind, the events are NOT going to walk up to you. You have to make them happen and get your face out there. And lastly take lots and lots of videos for your social media because that is what gets the likes and views!
What are 3 pitfalls you would avoid if you could start over knowing what you know now?
One-get help, it is a lot to do by yourself. When your first starting ask for help and volunteers! You’ll be surprised at how much of your support system will show up! The second-remind people to take their things off(even sunglasses) before getting in the balls! This was an issue at one of our first events and what we ended up doing was getting small bins for everyone who was playing to put their stuff in and it worked like a charm to remind people. The third is just in general know you really have to get your face out there and market yourself. I think originally I thought getting events was going to be much simpler. But once you get one event, 9 times out of ten you are going to get a lead for another event. Follow up and just remember to keep working.
What is your most memorable KB moment?
100 percent our soft opening! We hired a DJ and invited all of our friends and family out for a whole day of Knockerball. It was really humbling because I had been dreaming of this for so long and my friends and family knew that. And while I knew there was still a lot of work to be done, I was just so thankful for everyone and all of their support. It was the best day!
What advice would you give other affiliates or people considering becoming an affiliate?
Just don’t give up- and remember that even though I’m writing this doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out either. It is still a struggle and we have a lot of work to do at Cap City Knockerball, but I am so excited about the future! Use social media (because I mean really it’s free), and just put videos and fun things up this will help attract clicks to your website.
Erica Juenke
Facebook: @capcityknockerball

A big thanks to Erica for sharing her inspiring story and dedication to her work!  If you want to learn more about us, take a peek at start your own Knockerball business!

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