How this Knockerball Owner Makes Six Figures Per Year - Knockerball USA

Since starting Knockerball Hampton Roads at the beginning of 2016, Michael Schwarting has seen amazing success and enjoyed every second of it.

Knockerball Hampton Roads offers a wide array of games including Knockerball Bubble Soccer, KB Combat Archery, KB Foot Darts, KB Zorb Balls and many other inflatable games. Michael wants to “create the atmosphere and event to allow people to feel young again and get ab workouts through laughing!!”

Michael really sees the value in marketing his business, and has taken advantage of both online and offline marketing activities to bring in customers. He has seen the most success running Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns, along with sending out cards and incentivizing his employees to sell future events to current customers.

When asked to give some advice to people looking to start their own Knockerball business, Michael said to “treat it like a business from day 1. It’s ok if you are going to start this as a part-time endeavor, but take every bit of it serious. Do not take money out of the business unless you have to. Reinvest it into more Knockerballs, KB Zorbs and KB Combat Archery.”

Michael emphasizes the importance of hiring the correct employees, paying them good wages, and teaching them to speak to kids equally as well as interacting with adults and business owners. Safety is important as well, which is why Michael ensures that employees are proficient with all safety procedures, briefs and games before leaving them alone.

Making six figures as he continues to build his business is impressive, and very attainable if you’re willing to put in the hard work.

If you’re looking to skyrocket your income and bring laughter and smiles to people faces every day, start your own Knockerball business!

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