Knockerball is an 5000 fastest-growing company


Knockerball USA is excited to announce that we have been named #980 on the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States! This is a major accomplishment and huge accreditation to the brand and our mission statement which is:


A Winning brand – Our commitment to providing an affordable investment with world-class support is the essence of our turnkey proven concept.


We want to thank everyone who has supported the brand and want to share this award with everyone, so congrats to you too!


This is a major achievement and recognition in any company and in any industry across the board, so we would also like to congratulate the other entrepreneurs and business owners who made the list.


An award like this is given to companies who show 6X growth since inception but in order for companies to grow it is because they surround themselves with people and employees who show excellence in their roles and respected fields.


Knockerball USA is a Chicago based company and is recognized worldwide as the largest provider of Bubblesoccer sporting equipment and turnkey business program with over 300 locations worldwide.


Since the inception of the idea in 2014, Knockerball USA has grown over 10X in sales and locations and with over 90% of the market share continues to expand its products, locations and service offerings.


Knockerball USA is a subsidiary of FAN Sports LLC. and is in over 12 countries and has now begun an aggressive international expansion at the end of 2018 in countries such as Canada, Austrailia, United Kingdom and Germany.


The company is known for its high-quality product and customer service, with the growing popularity of the product the company has seen similar accelerated growth from just 2 employees to over 10 in under 3 years, and has been able to add some key positions such as; A full-time Corporate Trainer and Brick Mortar specialist to make sure all areas of the operation are covered.


Knockerball USA CEO Joey Ricely gave a quote on being selected as 2018 Honoree of the inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America; “It was an honor to be recognized by an organization such as, it gives us momentum and validation to know that we continue to add international value through our business program, product, and sport awareness efforts. An award like this is not won alone, it is won by a group of people who are willing to believe in the concept and work towards that common goal.”


Before becoming the owner Joey was also an Affiliate location and was brought on due to his business background expertise in business consulting and successful operation in the local region.


The sport itself has been sweeping the nation and has become highly recognized as one of the newest and most fun activities. With locations worldwide, Knockerball Affiliates can be found in cities offering private rentals, leagues, corporate events and other safe activities. But, in order to become an Affiliate, individuals go through a screening process and upon acceptance go through rigorous training and must maintain certain requirements such as; insurance, background checks, and ongoing education.


What do you get besides the inventory?


Great question, the inventory is just the beginning:


  • Top Quality Equipment at affordable pricing
  • Extended Warranties
  • Millions in National Advertising
  • Strategic Sponsorships with Celebrities
  • Exclusive insurance program
  • Your own Website with IT support
  • Legal waivers and monthly webinars on best business practices
  • Private backend software and owners forum




And this is just the beginning…..


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