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As pickleball has been exploding in popularity, people have been discovering Knockerball as well for fun, exercise, and a chance to connect with friends and family. Enjoy the article and if you’re looking for more places to play either Knockerball or Pickleball, please visit http://www.knockerball/ or

Excerpt from the Conway Daily Sun:

KnockerBall, or “bubble soccer,” has been gaining traction in Europe, Australia, Japan and elsewhere.

KnockerBall North Conway made its Cranmore debut in July.

Played Tuesdays and Fridays at Cranmore, it also has been featured at Home Run Sports in Conway Village.

Though the season is coming to an end for both venues after Labor Day, KnockerBall North Conway President Matt Milliken says he is working with Cranmore officials on a wintertime version of the sport and is also exploring an indoor option at other local venues.

“The response has been fantastic, and we are having talks with Cranmore for a long-term relationship. It’s been great exposure for us,” said Milliken.

Becca Deschenes, marketing director at Cranmore, concurred. “We are talking about making it a daily activity next summer,” she said. “We have not yet discussed winter, but it is a possibility.

“It’s been a hit so far and has been well-received with our summer guests, and we are happy with how it’s been performing.”

KnockerSoccer takes place in an 80-foot-by-40-foot inflatable arena at the base of Cranmore’s North Slope.

Open to guests 48 inches tall and up, three rounds of four-minute games are played with up to 30 players during each time slot.

Games start every half-hour beginning at 10 a.m. and continue until 4:30 p.m. A variety of organized games can be played based on the number, size and age of participants, including musical chairs.

“We use an inflatable ball with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps, which is worn like a backpack,” explained Milliken.

The ball is designed with multiple sheets of a higher-grade durable TPU plastic and tension cups and cords, which allows participants to knock each other around without feeling trauma from the blow.

KnockerBall is valid with the purchase of a $13 Cranmore single ride ticket, or $65 six-pack of transferable tickets. A $10 upgrade can be purchased as an add-on to a Mountain Adventure Park, Aerial Adventure Park, Combo ticket or Summer Season Pass.Tickets can be purchased at Cranmore’s Ticket Office.

Games are supervised and monitored at all times by trained staff to ensure safety of participants. Closed-toe shoes are required. Games may be suspended due to heavy rain, high winds, thunder and lightning.




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