Owners of Knockerball 118 taking Iowa by storm!
KB Meet the Team - Mathew Smith Knockerball Rome


Krista Wineinger & Matt Rider – Knockerball® 118

Interested in becoming a Knockerball® Owner? The best way to research a new venture is to hear from current Owners!

Krista Wineinger & Matt Rider, Owner of Knockerball® 118 since 2022, answers your questions about their experience as a Knockerball Owner!

KB Meet the Team - Mathew Smith Knockerball Rome
Q. What excited you most about becoming a KB Owner?
A. Meeting new people, working with kids, setting our own schedule and traveling around the state.  The chance to provide a wide variety of events in the community: church youth groups, summer camps, corporate team building, fairs & festivals, and backyard birthday parties are some of our favorite type of events. Hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles give us great joy!
Q. What is your most memorable KB moment?
A. Being part of the Ankeny summer fest and figuring out a bracket style tourney with 4 age groups. Organizing a Knocker Soccer game is truly a blast, but we will warn you; organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having way too much fun.
KB Meet the Team - Mathew Smith Knockerball Rome
KB Meet the Team - Mathew Smith Knockerball Rome
Q. Anything else that you want to share about your experience as a Knockerball® Owner?
A. Our goal is to have this become a 6 figure business and multiple teams in different places. By expanding with different games and inflatable fields we will help to bring the fun to any event all throughout Iowa. 
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