IPS Gel Ball Battle - Knockerball USA

IPS Gel Ball Battle



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IPS Smart Edition - 10 Spots

IPS Dart Battle

The IPS game is used with 1 IPS system that includes 10 lamps, plus 11 additional lamps. (sold separately)

Inflatable Interactive Dart Game

Would you like to order an inflatable interactive dart game? With an interactive play system, you offer fun for young and old. This interactive game is a cool variation of the well-known dart game. On the gigantic dartboard with interactive spots, you can score points by shooting with a special bow, ball, or gun. The layout is the same as that of a regular dart game. When you manage to hit one of the gray spheres, the number of points will appear on the display at the front. How cool is that? This interactive dart game provides a lot of fun, you can be assured of that! This inflatable is sold without extras, such as arrows and balls. For this game, you also don’t need specific arrows or balls.

Our IPS games are inflatables with cool extras

An inflatable attraction is great fun in itself but becomes even cooler when an IPS system is incorporated. Our IPS games are in fact inflatables with cool extras. An interactive game indicates when you score points. That makes playing with it super exciting of course. Compete with friends, colleagues, or family. With this interactive darts game, you will undoubtedly score points and you will win the audience for you!