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IPS Shooting Gallery



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IPS Shooting Gallery

The IPS game is used with 1 IPS system that includes 10 lamps, plus 1 additional lamp. (sold separately)

A real shooting gallery in a variety of themes!

This interactive Shooting Gallery is a true must-have item. With either two or four players, you enter into a battle to hit as many targets as possible with the Nerf guns. The exchangeable target sheets allow for changing the theme of the games. Due to the design, the balls automatically roll back and the guns can be attached to the inflatable.
The themes available are:

●        Chicken run
●        Duck hunt
●        Night battle
●        Alien attack
●        Wild West

Compact, easy to set up

The shooting gallery is perfect for use during events, parties or sports activities. Easily set it up in no more than 10 minutes. The item comes as a single unit, which makes it easy to transport. The shooting gallery is conveniently supplied with a blower, anchoring materials, a transport bag, 1 themed target sheet of your choice and a clear manual. It goes without saying you can also purchase the IPS system or the various other themed target sheets from us to complete the experience.

Durable and easy to keep clean

The shooting gallery has several reinforced tension points and are multiple stitched. The strong, high-quality PVC is durable and easy to keep clean. Moreover, the shooting gallery comes with a 1-year warranty. This product allows you to offer optimum playing fun.

Purchase this unique shooting gallery and give your customers an experience to remember for the rest of their lives!