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Tips for a Successful Bubble Soccer Event:

Congrats! You are about to have the most fun you've had in a long time! Now let's make sure your Knockerball Bubble Soccer party goes smoothly and that your friends and participants have a great time.

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1. Pre party checklist; Make sure you are working with a licensed Knockerball Affiliate; Knockerball locations are highly accredited and go through rigorous training and safety protocols along with having you maintain active insurance and provide background checks before they can be an active location. Each Knockerball bubble soccer location is equipped with several tools and assets that are available to you, so make sure you to ask for: legal waiver, copy of insurance, list of safety rules and approved games and lastly lets make sure all your locations watch the safety and training videos on how to properly play and wear the Knockerballs. Remember before anyone gets in the ball to make sure they have signed the waiver.

2. Make sure you secured a location; people think you need a huge soccer field to play bubble soccer but that is totally wrong! Sometimes smaller is better, here's why the players want to bump into each other and small contained fields allow for the game to be fun and for the players to limit the big hits. Remember we want people to have fun and make sure they are focused goal-oriented games and that the bumps come as coincidence to playing. Make sure to get there early and walk the field for any debris or sticks and remove them before playing.

3. Make sure you have on athletic apparel like you were going to gym class. It is important that players do not wear spikes or any type of boots when playing for the safety of themselves and the other players. Shorts and a T-shirt are best as activities can get hot! So make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks between games. Games should only last 3-5 mins but sometimes watching is just as fun as playing!

4. Now it’s game time! Make sure your Knockerball representative clearly explains the games before starting. Make sure the Knockerball suit is on properly and the straps are adjusted correctly for the player. Now let’s have some fun, don’t worry if you get bumped over it’s easy to get up, just roll to your stomach and then to your knees and you’re up and ready to get back in the action.

5. Once the party has finished it is important to do a final safety check with all players for any injuries. If there are it is vital to notify the working attendant on staff or seek medical attention immediately.

We hope you had fun and don’t forget to share and tag us in some pictures from the event!

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