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IPS Gel Ball Shooting Gallery



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IPS Smart Edition - 10 Spots

IPS Gel Ball Shooting Gallery

The IPS game is used with 1 IPS system that includes 10 lamps. (sold separately)

Inflatable Interactive Shooting Game

Shoot the chickens, ducks, or zombies with this inflatable interactive shooter with interchangeable sheets. With this interactive game, you can use a special gun filled with gel balls to try to hit the different targets and earn points. When you hit the target, one of the interactive spots will light up. Your score will appear on the display. Play with the IPS game against your opponent and start a real competition. Fun and exciting! You just have a lot of fun with this game.

This IPS game comes with removable sheets

And you know what’s cool? This IPS game is quick and easy to set up. It is ready for use in about 10 minutes. It comes with a blower, anchoring material, a manual, and a transport bag. So you have everything complete and can quickly enjoy this cool interactive play system. This interactive game works with interchangeable sheets, so you can vary what you shoot at. Do you prefer chickens? Or do you go for ducks? Maybe you’d rather shoot zombies? The sheets can be changed in an instant, so go wild!